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Home Office Kit

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Home Office Recycling Kit

Take a proactive step towards sustainability right from your desk with our inspiring Home Office Recycling Kit. This trailblazing product is crafted to transform your workspace into an epicenter of environmental stewardship. From paper clips to printer cartridges, this kit is designed to deal with all recyclable waste commonly found in an office setting.

In 2022, an estimated 58% of American job holders said they can work remotely or from home at least part of the time. (source- McKinsey & Company)

The home office is undoubtedly here to stay and along with that comes more supplies and products that help you to do your best work. Our Home Office Box can be an important part of responsibly managing your office waste from used tape dispensers to pens to broken calculators.


Yes Please!

  • Staplers
  • Pencils, Pens, and Markers
  • Tape Dispensers
  • Paperclips and Binder Clips
  • Correction Supplies
  • Label Backing
  • Binders
  • Desk Organizers
  • Books and Magazines


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For safety or environmental reasons, please Do Not place these items in your Home Office Box.

  • Must remove all Batteries
  • No lightbulbs
  • No broken glass