Recycling kits for Businesses

Easy, comprehensive sustainability solutions. In a box.

Introducing our tailored RECYCLING KITS,  designed for businesses like yours. These kits seamlessly integrate into your office space, complementing your team’s commitment to sustainability. They’re more than just kits – they’re symbols of your dedication to closing the loop on challenging waste streams.

As part of a seamless take-back program, your team effortlessly contributes to the recycling effort. You also have the opportunity to extend that commitment beyond your walls – potentially teaming with products companies to establish the ultimate goal of product circularity .

With our RECYCLING KITS, you’re reducing waste and nurturing a culture of change. Let us amplify your impact and handle the logistics, and together; we’ll make sustainability an intrinsic part of your business story.

Collect any of the following in our Recycling Kits:

  • Cosmetics
  • Eyewear
  • Office supplies
  • Cell phone cases
  • Toner or ink cartridges
  • Small electronics
  • Safety and protective wear
Not seeing something you would like to recycle?

A note about batteries….

As part of our mission to protect the planet, we kindly request your help in ensuring the safe and efficient recycling of electronic items by removing batteries before sending them to us.

Why is it so important to remove batteries from items before recycling?

Safety First: Batteries can pose serious safety hazards during the recycling process. When mishandled or damaged, they may leak harmful chemicals, catch fire, or even explode. By taking a moment to remove batteries, you’re contributing to a safer recycling environment for both our employees and the planet.

Recycling Efficiency: Separating batteries from electronic devices allows us to streamline the recycling process. It enables us to sort and process different materials effectively, maximizing the recovery of valuable resources from the items you send us. This efficiency ultimately helps us reduce waste and conserve valuable energy.

Environmental Protection: Improper disposal of batteries can lead to the release of toxic substances, which may contaminate soil and water sources, harming the environment and wildlife. By removing batteries from your items, you help us minimize these risks and support a cleaner, healthier planet.