Some facts you might not know about recycling.


million tons of trash is produced annually in the U.S.

less than


of that trash
gets recycled


of that trash goes into
, with each of us contributing five pounds
per DAY—of waste


of what we toss is
actually recyclable

The statistic are eye-opening. Of the 389 million tons of trash the U.S. produces annually, less than a third gets recycled. Knowing that about 64% of that trash goes into landfills, it dials down to each of us contributing five pounds A DAY of waste being thrown away.  But with 75% of what we toss being recyclable, it’s also a great opportunity to start contributing positively.

Given that there is really no “away” in “throw away,” the effects of climate change/global warming, and the encroachment of landfills into where we live and work, those who buy products and the businesses that supply them can now work together towards better sustainability.

We’ve been closing the loop for over 20 years.

Our parent company, Close the Loop, began in Australia in 2001 and has locations in New Zealand, Europe, and the U.S. They’ve helped provide complete take back, recovery, and reuse program solutions for Fortune 500 companies like Xerox, Staples, Hewlett-Packard, and Konica Minolta. So they know a thing or a thousand about how to make this work and work well for all involved.

Leveraging Close the Loop’s resources lets us bring our cost-effective recycling kit solutions to your businesses and home. Never before has it been so easy for anyone or any organization to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover.

Young family gathering recyclable waste
sunshine over a field and large tree

Caring about the environment has its benefits.

If you really care about taking better care of our planet, the benefits are substantial.

  • The energy to recycle is substantially less than that to produce virgin material—that cuts greenhouse gas emissions and can help slow temperature change.
  • It can benefit your business by increasing foot traffic and brand awareness by providing a recycling outlet as part of a company sustainability initiative.
  • Packaged goods companies can see stronger market share through bolstered customer loyalty and product usage insight, fulfill brand steward commitments, and even increase efficiencies and your bottom line in how you design products and choose resources.