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Toner Cartridge Recycling

Our Toner Cartridge Recycling Kit effortlessly embarks on a rewarding journey toward environmental responsibility. This kit is your steadfast ally in diverting waste from landfills and reducing emissions, aligning with your green vision.

Today, Americans go through approximately 400 million cartridges annually.
Non-renewable resources, including oil, are used to create the necessary plastics, and precious energy is used for manufacturing. In fact, the production of only one cartridge can lead to 10.5 pounds of carbon dioxide emitting into the atmosphere.

Your workplace probably buys ink regularly to print important documents. What do you do with the leftover cartridge when the toner runs out? Our Toner and Cartridge Box means you can recycle toner cartridges and make an impact on our planet, including our atmosphere.


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  • All used ink and toner cartridges

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For safety or environmental reasons, please Do Not place these items in your Toner and Cartridge Box.

  • No printers
  • No printing accessories