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What Are Recycling Kits?

What Are Recycling Kits?


Recycling Kits are an innovative solution designed to make recycling those hard-to-dispose items we all accumulate so much easier. We’ve all been there – standing in front of the recycling bin, an item in hand, unsure if it can be recycled or how to properly dispose of it. Recycling Kits eliminate that uncertainty and provide and easy, sustainable solution. 


These kits allow you to recycle a wide variety of everyday items that would otherwise likely end up in a landfill. This includes plastics like grocery bags, wrap, and ziplock bags, oral care products like toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers, beauty and skincare empties like makeup, shampoo bottles, and lotion tubes, household items like batteries, pens, markers, and cleaning product containers, and even pet food pouches. With Recycling Kits, these tricky-to-recycle items can now be repurposed and given new life in an environmentally responsible way.


The need for such a solution is clear. While many homeowners diligently recycle paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles, they often don’t know how to properly and sustainably dispose of those other common household items and “unrecyclables”. Similarly, businesses want to reduce waste but may not have effective recycling solutions beyond typical paper and plastic. Recycling Kits are the simple, affordable, and eco-friendly answer to this problem for both homeowners and business owners. Now anyone can make progress towards zero waste and an ethical, closed-loop circular economy right from their own home or office.


The Convenience of Recycling Kits


Integrating Recycling Kits into your home or office is incredibly easy. These kits require no special equipment or drastic lifestyle changes. Simply visit our website to order your preferred kit. Whether you need to recycle batteries, lightbulbs, plastic film, or other tricky waste, we offer specially designed kits to meet your needs. 


Once your kit arrives, use it as your new destination for those hard-to-recycle items. No need to sort – just drop them in! When your kit is full, reseal it using the pre-paid shipping label. Then hand it over to your postal service or schedule a pickup. 


We handle the rest. Your kit will be shipped to our processing partner, Close the Loop, for proper sorting and recycling. They ensure your waste gets new life through reuse, repurposing, and remanufacturing. With accessible ordering, effortless filling, and prepaid returns, Recycling Kits make sustainable living incredibly easy! This simple, three-step process is an accessible gateway to reducing your environmental impact.


The Effectiveness of Recycling Kits


Recycling Kits offer an unparalleled solution for sustainably processing typically hard-to-recycle waste streams. They empower both homeowners and businesses to properly dispose of items that would otherwise end up in landfills. This includes everyday products like batteries, lightbulbs, electronics, printer cartridges, and more.


With Recycling Kits, users can conveniently recycle e-waste and other challenging materials right from their home or office. Kits are sent back to our zero waste facilities where materials get sorted, processed, and recovered through our ethical recycling partners. This closes the loop, giving these items a new lease on life. 


The Impact of Recycling Kits

trash pile of waste that could be recycled

Ability to recycle hard-to-dispose items

Recycling Kits allow proper processing of batteries, lightbulbs, small devices, ink cartridges, and other waste streams that lack mainstream recycling solutions. This gives problematic e-waste and universal waste streams a sustainable disposal pathway.


Contribution to waste reduction goals

By providing a simple method to recycle challenging waste, Recycling Kits enable users to divert significant waste from landfills. This directly prevents valuable materials from being discarded, supporting individual and organizational waste reduction targets.


Role in zero waste initiatives

For entities seeking to embrace zero waste philosophies, Recycling Kits are an easy solution for reducing waste footprints. They provide a practical method for businesses, schools, events, and households to make progress towards ambitious zero waste goals.

With their unique effectiveness across these areas, it’s easy to see why Recycling Kits are an essential tool for convenient, ethical recycling.


Our Process is Simple


Order Recycling Kits

Choose the kit size based on your office needs and number of employees. Kits are available in sizes like 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and larger to accommodate business waste.


Fill the Recycling Kits

with end-of-life office items, including printer cartridges, cords and cables, mobiles, keyboards, and more. The kits help companies properly collect and store these materials.


Return the Filled Kits

When full, securely re-seal the Recycling Kits and schedule a collection. The kits will be professionally transported for ethical recycling and processing. Nothing goes to waste!


Going green not only benefits the environment but also makes good business sense. By choosing Recycling Kits, companies show customers and investors they are committed to operating sustainably.


Closing the Loop: The Sustainable Processing of Recycling Kits


A key component that sets Recycling Kits apart is our partnership with Close the Loop – an innovative recycling organization dedicated to ensuring the materials in our kits get recycled and recovered in the most ethical, transparent manner. 


Close the Loop receives your filled Recycling Kits and meticulously processes the contents. They focus on recovering as many raw materials as possible and giving them a new life, whether that’s turning bottles back into bottles or repurposing difficult items. Their state-of-the-art facilities allow them to process materials in a closed-loop, so no waste escapes into landfills or the environment.


Throughout the recycling process, Close the Loop emphasizes transparency. They provide detailed tracking on where materials end up, how much is processed, and the environmental savings from giving these items renewed purpose. This traceability gives users peace of mind that their Recycling Kits have a genuinely sustainable impact. 


By partnering with Close the Loop, we ensure your recyclables are handled ethically and enter a circular lifecycle. This closes the loop on waste and drives progress towards a greener, zero waste future. With Recycling Kits and Close the Loop, you can recycle confidently knowing your waste gets transformed.


Join the Movement: Your Journey to Ethical Recycling Starts Here


Recycling Kits provide an accessible gateway to embrace sustainability in your home or business. As we’ve explored, these innovative kits offer unparalleled convenience paired with impactful results. Recycling Kits empower you to properly dispose of hard-to-recycle items, reducing waste and promoting reuse. 


When you use a Recycling Kit, you aren’t just recycling – you’re sustaining a circular economy and pioneering ethical consumption. Your actions ripple outwards, decreasing reliance on raw materials and minimizing environmental damage. Recycling Kits start you down the path towards zero waste through their simplicity and effectiveness.


Don’t wait any longer to make a difference. Order your Recycling Kit today and take the first step on your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. Join a community of like-minded individuals reducing their footprint. See how easy and rewarding ethical recycling can be. 


Every Recycling Kit you fill and return plants seeds of change that will blossom into a greener, cleaner future. Be the change you wish to see – for your family, your business, and the planet. A better world starts with a single kit. Let today be the start of your sustainability story.


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